Hello!  I have goose bumps right now.  Why?  Because I am following my heart ladies and gents.  I’m Chelsea B.  I might change my last name at some point to match my little ladies.  Perhaps add a hyphen?  I’m not entirely sure.  I waver back and forth with being labeled a “Simpson.”  My partners fourth favorite thing in the world is donuts.  hmmmm.

We were Oregonians, and now as fate would have it, we live in an artsy retirement town of Southern Arizona.  We are young with a little lady and I’ve never had a ‘desert dream’… so how in hell did we end up here?  Sometimes I still wonder (especially while I long for moss) yet, all I can say is that when you are surrendered to the natural impulses of life… MAGIC HAPPENS.  And if you take enough deep breaths, through the numerous bumpy parts, the winds of change will blow you exactly where you need to be.  Its all so cliché (and true).



I write about change but it is always INTERNAL change I’m talking about.  I used to think that freedom meant fighting those that opposed my or others freedoms.   Instead, I have come to freedom via a practice of silence.

So, to sum it up for now.  I am sometimes writer who more than sometimes meditates and who is constantly raising a fabulously beautiful 2 yr old.  I’m a nursing, co-sleeping (in the market for a king size bed), creative who has surrendered her life to the self.  Most of the time I’m just sewing stuff, reading copious amounts of book to my insatiable little girl, and planning or enjoying a trip to the lake.  Any lake.  I live for lakes.

I love the dream products of the mind and the lushness of the earth, while I also enjoy things and stuff and travel and a really good cocktail in a hammock on a hot summers day after swimming my ass off.  However, I’m not one to forget for long that this is just a passing dream. 

The mind does play tricks on us.  It lies sometimes… ohhh, don’t let it tell you differently.  It can get really ugly and really convincing, but…

There is a sanctuary of Self.   There is.  It’s in the heart, some say.

It is the heart, I say.

These ethics I write about, and this life, well.. they are my preference….  I dig this hippy, free-spirited way of things.  Read about it, follow, buy my art (!!) *no pressure*, watch my first and second and yadda yadda yadda attempts at making videos.  It’s gonna get crazy up in here.  I promise.