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II’s officially.  I have implemented 3 ZERO SCREEN DAYS A WEEK (for myself and my kiddo, not necessarily the same days!).  I’m starting with the reasons, and then I’ll go onto the what.

Here’s what I’ve learned:




I suddenly have way more time to indulge in the things that lift my spirit:

decorating, deep cleaning (I am one of those people), gardening, bathing, dancing around, discovering new places, taking walks, writing with good ol’ fashion pen and paper, reading, and basking in the glory of nothingness.


Turns out I am way more productive when I am online


I’M WAY MORE REAL.  WAY MORE ME.  (So is she.)

*pats herself on the back*


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There are months at a time where I disconnect from social media and from the external brain named Google.  These times have always served me perfectly.  Everytime I’m unplugged completely, I return to myself and there seems to be more of me then when I last looked.

Now, with new goals, a new home, and, well, a new life as it were, I find myself flowing back into the online world of community and mind-blowing tid-bits.

When I first came back online there were a few head spinning moments that knocked me flat on my overwhelmed and high-strung ass.  Going from one social media account that I hardly used, to five… and an online store, and a blog, and a youtube channel, has just about blew my sensitive little emphatic heart out of the water.

Sometimes there can be toooo much psychic information in the air.

Being overwhelmed by the internet, and screens in general looks like this:


…plus, my inner bitch comes out, specifically at my partner because…uhmmmm you actually want to talk to me right now?! Can’t you see I’m BUSY??? Evenaully I realize the imbalance coarsing through my hormones has to do with MY CHOICES, not his or anyone elses.  Then… the tears come, thank GOD.

Tears tend to renew my sight to see more clearly what is real.


3 days a week (soon to be more?) where I am TOTALLY UNPLUGGED.  By unplugged I mean.

  • zero phone (expect for basic communication needs)
  • no laptab
  • no tablet
  • no kindle (i don’t have one but if i did, I wouldn’t pick it up)
  • and a tiny itty bit of Puffin Rock here and there because Atlas LOVES that show, and I don’t mind it one bit.

I am not about to say that zero screen days are easy (at first… the rewards reinforce themselves).  The social media world, highly entertaining films and shows, and the oh soooo many pretty photos on Instagram, not to mention… THE HABIT, the habit, the habit—all these things will want to lure you in but you’ll get over it.

Here’s a few tips that have helped me strike a balance:

  • Resist the urge to look at your phone first thing in the morning.
  • Turn off all notifications from every app in the world, especially the social media ones. Unless its my youtube channel because you obviously would break your no screen day for me (don’t do it)
  • Find a box, or a bag, or place where you can hide the phone/laptop/tablet out of sight (out of mind)
  • Have devoted days where you can worship the screen gods for as long as you need/want.


A note about Little Foot and her screen consumption.  We’ve done a pretty good job.  We didn’t introduce a screen at all until she was about 1 1/2 and then she only had 15 mins a day.  Then at 1 3/4 she had about 30 min a day (if any at all).

Now shes two… she was watching between zero and 2 hours a day of shows and movies.  Sometimes we go over with her screen time.  It happens. We are human.    But we haven’t taught her how to code yet.  I’m not saying it wont happen.

When I went more screen free I realized it was WAY TOO EASY to plop her in front of her show so I could get some shiznet done.  She was having days on end that she would be watching something (even if it was for just a wee bit).  When I realized how much happier I was, I thought she might be happier too.  And she is!  So now she has 3 screen free days too.  Initially, it was only two, however we saw such a radical improvement RIGHT AWAY in her little bright light that we’ve uped it to three with the hope of even more.

Lets make life so bad ass that screens are like small doses of creative medicine and spark.



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  1. you are so freakin rad. such a good writer and influencer. im inspired to engage with the same screen free schedule. then! when i am on it it will feel fresher and aliver and then i imagine i will enjoy the days off in a direct communing with nature or crafty craft arts using my hands and things like art supplies! such a good idea. thank you wild foot

    1. You are most welcome love! Its funny how it takes awhile to shake the screen world off. I noticed at first that strange craving, like I was wanting chocolate or wine.. instead it was for YouTUBE! So silly. I’m stoked you are going to join in! Would love to see some of the beauty and smiles it will produce out of you creative one;)

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