DIY / Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

Do you have a little one who needs to carry around their favorite doll or toy around wherever they roam?! I found a super duper easy DIY tutorial over at Lulastic and the Hippyshakes Blog on how to make a sling for your toddlers doll (most everything I do I copy from her… she’s what you’d call my “role model” *twinkle twinkle eyes*)

But seriously, who doesn’t absolutely need to carry around a baby Javelina all the time?! When I made this mock up for Atlas (using all second-hand materials), Taylor immediately gave me the “eyes.”

“What?!? It’s adorable!” I said.

He shook his head, “You are just trying to ensure that you get grandchildren.”

As long as our grand-babies are as cute as this little lady with her wild desert pig, ahem, javelina, then DAMN STRAIGHT. Oh my.  I made the sling pictured here super fast using the tutorial, and then because it is so dang cute, I up’d the game and made a bunch with all the finished edges and designer touches.

These little slings are a perfect DIY gift for your toddler (and their friends who surely will want one too) or, if you don’t have the set up, or would rather spend your precious mama time doing your own flare of art, you can find my super sweet-heart themed toy slings here at the hippy fab lab market.

Now, the little one can carry her own friends to the river.  Last time we went I was carrying her giant elephant, as well as carting around her pull behind quaking ducks (along with the cooler, and the blanket, and the towels, and play shovels, and gallon of water, and baby bag of all the essentials).  It’s time.  My muscles look damn nice, but still, it is time.

Nurture the little ones, little one.




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