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I am literally waking up at dawn to turn this creative urge into words. When I look around I often find myself dumbfounded; with all the crazies doing crazy things, the sad doing sad things, the happy doing the happy things, and every single in-between, it’s impossible not to wonder: what in the world is really going on here?!

Well, I have come to some peace about that.  Through this obscure lense–we are artists– we are weaving, woeing (why isn’t that a word?), and wooing ourselves along the multitude of paths towards waking up.  Some sing morning songs, some swirl in midnight dances, yet all of us live the most incredible individualized drama the mind has ever seen.  No matter the length of time, centuries lived, or soul twisting adventures we have taken–we are involved in a masterpiece of wokefullness.



I will gladly shout this from the roof tops:  LIFE IS A DREAM!!!  You’ve heard it before.  Life is a dream.  You’ve heard it again.  Maybe you nod in agreement, maybe not.  For those in that last category…I get it.  When you pinch yourself really hard, bloody hell,  *&#^$ OUCH **#$^ it hurts!

So, life is real.  You’ve heard it before.  Life is hard.  You’ve heard it again.  You agree.  You disagree.

The tendency is to come up with a million and one reasons why our life is the way it is.  We come up with infinite lists then suddenly we realize…HOT DAMN; we were right… it is exactly as we thought.


  • Life begins to prove to us exactly what we are thinking.
  • Life begins to prove to us exactly what we are fearing.
  • Life begins to prove to us exactly what we are loving.
  • Life begins to realize itself as our beliefs.


There are two favorite quotes that keep coming back to me again and again.  The first is from the beloved teacher, Abraham-Hicks*;


A belief is only a thought you keep thinking


In the trillion godzillion thoughts there are to think, what thoughts have tricked us into believing them?  The easiest way to know is to look at life itself. Life is a realized replica of our beliefs.  It is a projection of the mind.

A pertinent example is taken from my own life.  Oh the woes of what was a LACK PROCESS.  This one has to do with EFFORT.   The thoughts sound like this:

Shit, when is the power bill due?  I’ll deal with it later.  I could pick up another shift at work. That’s 100 bucks.  100 times 4.  400.  400 plus, auughhhh i don’t know.  100 times 4.  Right, okay.  Passports, I want to save for passports.  I should deal with the credit cards.  Oh my. The flowers are dying.  Whoops.  

To the dreaming self (that us) these thoughts are instantanely translated into their belief based counterpart:

Ut-oh, I am not working hard enough.  Hard work pays off.  The harder I work the more I will be rewarded.  It’s foolish to think that life can be easy.  I don’t know anyone who has had it easy .  If I don’t work my ass off I will loose everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve.  

Yep.  Ain’t life a bitch?  We tend to think that.  Well, the lab results are in:

  • Thought = shitwhen is the power bill due? 
  • Vibrational translation = Ut-oh, I am not working hard enough
  • Belief = I have to work harder
  • Life = Working your ass off in a job you kinda sorta appreciate, ahem, I mean despise, just to pay the never ending f*$ing bills.

Damn.  But don’t worry.  It’s just a passing dream where you happen to be working all day long, they kinda suck, but you do wake up.  We all do.  Onto the second quote:


What the Thinker thinks the Prover proves


I read that once in a super trippy book by Robert Anton Wilson called Prometheus Rising**.  It wouldn’t hurt to reflect on that from time to time, the mind dosesn’t want you to fully hear it.

The art of waking up is my favorite medium.  It is endlessly entertaining, incredibly rewarding, and such a flippin’ trip.  It allows me to take everything way less seriously.  The second I forget that I’m dreaming, life gets real hard.  The moment I remember, it gets super funny.

Knowing these tricks of the mind I’m free to play with silence, the thoughts and feelings that come, and then, of course, the life that transpires.  I’m free to experiment with creation and the process of actualizing myself into waking up within a happy hippydom of art, play, community, nature, and wokefullness.


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If you’re going to dream anyway, dream all the way.

I would like warn you about a  loop in this creative process of noticing your thoughts, digging deep, and the art waking up….sometimes we put so much effort into waking up that we sorta short circuit waking up, which is in fact, effortless.

You do not have to WORK at being your true self.  There is always a mysterious power taking care of you, whether you are thinking or not.  Sometimes–most of the time–the best thing to do is to quiet the mind.  Hush it up.  Yes, I’m telling you to shush yourself.  Your body will keep doing its thang, it has to.  Just go, enjoy it. Be awake.

Who or what helps you stay awake??  I’d love to know.




*If you are not familiar, Abraham-Hicks is a fore-runner in the Law of Attraction movement.  Esther Hicks stands in front of large audiences that pay a pretty price, she clears her mind, and in rushes Abraham, a non-physical conglomeration of consciousness, which then emphatically elaborates on how to “create your own reality” and  “get into the vortex of creation” which is where everything you want exists.  It is outrageously incredible and I have found resonance with their teachings for quite sometime now.  There wisdom has provided me with some grand stepping stones for waking up to the truth of who I really am.


**Just now trying to find out Wilson’s name I read about what he terms “guerrilla ontology.”  Guerrilla ontology is the metaphysical approach he took while attempting to break down people’s single view model of the world  into more of a “multi-model perspective”.  In other words he was using a radical language and ideas in order help people OPEN their MINDs.  He was trying to free people from their own rigid beliefs.  He was trying to help people realize that they were already FREE.  I’ve got to read more of him… his trippy approach to wokefullness makes me smile.



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