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This is my first blog post *wa-la* and a lot has been stirring.  For instance,  I trimmed three days a week off my serving tables schedule, and I’m starting a business making and selling my art  *bites fingernails*.  Being the current breadwinner for the family isn’t stressful at all <enter nervous laughter here>.

One of the goals for starting this blog it is to play a role in normalizing freedom.

I’m finally taking steps to fulfill my *BIG HAPPY HIPPY DREAM* of earning a livelihood while traveling. I’ve also decided it’s time to activate the vision of operating an alternative dwelling artist residency and retreat where yes, there will be horses.

It’s as though everything suddenly went *CLICK* in my heart.



While it has been bloody fantastic to have such creativity and seemingly endless inspiration egging me on, I did begin to feel the big (Cant really attain shit) coming on…so as luck would have it I pulled myself back on the surfboard.

When creativity comes and you are riding the wave of your happiest, motivated, totally passionate self, here are ways to sustain the peak.


I wouldn’t have accessed the creative highlands without it.  Meditation is the BEST thing you can do for yourself.  It is simply life changing.  15 minutes a day.  It’s not a time to create.  It’s a space to demand yourself to simply sit and be still.  If you are a busy-body like myself, its quite honestly harder than it sounds.  Just do it.

The heart will take over soon enough.

You don’t have to effort your genius, you already are it.

Gallon a Day

At least.  I’ve had to up my water game into a full-time job now that we live in the dry ass desert. The equation of:

1/2 body weight = Oz of H2O needed daily

is the bare minimum  If you drink five gallons of coffee, you are going to need to ADD five gallons of water to your regime.

Anything caffeinated, or anything considered a diuretic (that IPA with dinner, or the immunity boosting maca mocha matcha mayhem you drink in the morning) needs to be equaled out with pure and fresh H2O.

Plants are your friend.  Add them to water for extra hydration.  Lemons.  Peppermint.  Fennel.  All these will help you absorb absorb absorb.  If you are new to the drinking game you will be running to the bathroom a LOT, but once your body finally gets the hint that you actually want to, ya know, absorb the water you’re drinking, then it will channel it to all the right places and you won’t have to take a leak every five seconds.  I promise.

My favorite electrolyte drink recipe*:

*Coconut water.  We chug it.  We have taken to buying it by the case from our local food co-op to get the discount.  It’s WAY cheaper this way.

Eat Right(ish)

Here’s a realistic scenario (I know because this happened to me exactly):  You are a mom and you have miraculous managed to carve out a few solitary hours to accomplish all your dreams at once.  You set to work and you are on FIRE.  You are laughing out loud to yourself, you are “hmmm”ing” and “ah-ha”ing at lighting speed, the electromagnetic charges of your brain are rapidly ricocheting off the walls of your skull….suddenly…. YOU NEED SUGAR.

So you go and make yourself a peanut butter and honey sandwich because you know its better for you than opening up the freezer to pull out the ice-cream.  And you don’t want to interrupt your immediate flow to pull every veggie from the fridge to make a salad.  Sometimes that is your flow, but right now it’s sandwich in hand, laptop in the other. You are free to keep those synapses firing for about another… hour, or so.  If you are me at least.

The more creative you are the more you need to eat.  If you are a nursing mother (count me in), you need to eat even more.  In other words, that salad can’t be put off for long*.

*If you’re making a salad anyway (here’s the recipe to the salad I made here), make it huge and then you can eat it for days and not have to stop your flow.. except to chew.  Chewing is fun.


Shake.  Shake that booty.

Shake shake.  You get the point.

Movement may feel like a pesky fly distracting you from your work.  It’s not.  Don’t worry.  You already are the masterpiece. Go for a walk.  Take some deep deep breaths down to the tips of your pinkie toes.

Which leads me to this next tip:

Relish In It

Ab.soul.freakin’.lutely LOVE this creative feeling.  The practice of appreciation brings you back to the NOW, which is where all the magic happens.  I find myself so often seeking the place that I am trying to create in my life that I forget that I am ‘currently living’ the life of my dreams.  Relish creativity for itself, not for what it will produce.

Everything we want is because we think we will be happier in the having of it.  THIS IS IT.  THIS JOY IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SEEKING.

The ‘act’ of creating can be even more satisfying then the state of having created.  It lasts longer.  Pay attention, don’t rush it or you might just rush on past it.  Get used to it.  Familiarize yourself with your natural state of being.  It’s very much ready and available to stick around.

Forget about the Rulezzzzzzzz

Supposedly you are meant to get x amount of sleep per night, keep a regular schedule, and lie in bed wide awake like a zombie blinking in the shadows as your two year old who co-sleeps mimes the far reaches of her dreamscapes against your back.  When the ideas are flowing, please dear one, let them flow.  If I hadn’t had gotten out of bed at 1:45am in order to write many of my best ideas would still be knocking at a locked door.

When I’m buzzing with creativity sleep is not my forte, which admittedly is unfortunate because I do feel sleepy after a Taylor my partner for no reason.  While I am still riding the learning curve with this one I do know this:  when sleep comes, TAKE IT.

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Like the sun and the moon, all things cycle around.  Eventually you will loop through the idea, you will play out a thought, and you will put the momentum toward actualization, until eventually there is a pause.  It feels exactly like the atmosphere on a hot summers day… right before it is about to rain.  A shift is occurring.  Allow it. Clean your house (at a snails pace if wish), re-organize your studio, take a shower, skinny dip, stand out in the rain, strip down to the basics and refresh.  Wash off what has been and start again, all shimmer-shined and renewed.

This may also look like this:  Schedule yourself to work.  Have daddy man take the girl.  Do absolutely nothing to make money.  I mean that.

See what comes.

Get used to surprises sweet ones…

PS  If you have any insomniac tips for creatives I WOULD LOVE to work their magic on myself.  Also, if you want more subscribe and follow me on your social media platforms of choice *twinkles*  Maybe you even feel like sharing? Bye for now boys-n-berries.



I am Chelsea – a writer, fabric artist, mama, and earth lover.  I’m creating an artist residency and retreat of epic proportions and also launching an earth based kids magazine. You can become a part of the hippydom on Patreon for as little as $1 and help get this show on the road! On this blog I write advice on freeing your creativity, living your best life, and wild-raising a kid to be joyously themselves.  Keep in touch through Instagram, and Facebook.  Come giggle (while thoroughly enjoying, of course) my launching of the youtube channel, Yes, there will be horses.


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