Peachy Zuch & Quinoa Summer Salad

Hippydom, Recipes

I am officially introducing and uploading my favorite recipes to the Hippydom.  Typically they are fast, easy, and full of healthy(ish) ingredients.  There are a lot of repeats in this house.  Cooking and food is one of my passions.  Uncooking and gardening is another.  I also love love love to get treated to a night […]

June 27, 2018


Artist Life, Creativity, Meditation

This is my first blog post *wa-la* and a lot has been stirring.  For instance,  I trimmed three days a week off my serving tables schedule, and I’m starting a business making and selling my art  *bites fingernails*.  Being the current breadwinner for the family isn’t stressful at all <enter nervous laughter here>. One of […]

June 18, 2018